Hello and welcome to the brand new Flowers by Eve blog and website. I am super excited to welcome you all and to share my beautiful new blog and website designed and styled by the awesome Nadia at Bellina Creativa.

I plan to share lots of beautiful images and tales of weddings and life at Flowers by Eve in the future weeks and months but for this post I want to share some of my rebranding journey and how I got to be the proud owner of this beautiful website.


Last year I attended Flowerona’s Branding for Florist Workshop. An amazing workshop run by Rona of Flowerona and Fiona Humberstone The Brand Stylist. I left the workshop armed with the tools to rebrand my business, a buzzing head and a slighty panicked rabbit in headlights look about me.  The rebranding seed was however firmly planted and I spent a year procrastinating about who to use and what to do, when thanks to the lovely community on Instagram @bellinacreativa popped up in my feed. I loved the rebrand she did for @katecullenstyle and when she posted earlier this year that she was taking on new clients I sent her a quick message with my fingers crossed and luckily she said YES.

After filling out a lengthly questionnaire about my business, my style, my clients, my brand ideas and aspirations for the business Nadia went away and worked her magic.

First was the colour inspiration board. I had already identified my business palette to be summer thanks to The Brand Stylist’s wealth of information on her website about Colour Psychology. I knew I wanted my colours to be soft, muted pinks, greys and greens to depict the soft, romantic, pretty style I favoured but at the same time wanted some stronger colours like navy and gold to show an elegance and sophistication to my business. Nadia came up with this gorgeous mood board which captured my thoughts perfectly and of course I loved it.


Next was the logo. I love the hand written styled logos and again wanted a logo that encapsulated my business and floral style. Nadia sent me lots of different logo ideas and it’s funny how your instinct works as some I immediately rejected, where as others I liked bits of and others I loved. After a bit of backwards and forwards we agreed on the final logo and sub logos and the final brand board was created.  I honestly could not stop looking at it. I loved it.


Finally Flowers by Eve had an identity and brand which could be then put into a website and wow when Nadia sent me her first design for my home page I was blown away. I think you will all agree she has done an amazing job and I hope I do her work justice by filling this blog with gorgeous weddings and behind the scenes bits from Flowers by Eve.

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